Friday, September 10, 2010

Lovely Home: Organization

Since my computer got infected with malware yesterday at work, I spent a good amount of time going through my files looking for my darn desktop wallpaper image after it was back up and running (yes, very important stuff), but to no avail. But I did find some images I had saved from the Martha Stewart website that re-motivated me to organize! I am about to go hunting for one of those bamboo wooden organizers for my makeup and hair brush and accessories.  I swear I've seen that exact one at Crate & Barrel...

Which reminds, me, I have to show you all my new mirror!  Got it at West Elm last weekend!


  1. such great ideas!

    the first idea (using metal & magnets inside a medicine cabinet) is so super genious!

    and so is the one for storing spare buttons/sequins/thread/etc. my hello kitty ceramic jar is literally overflowing with my spare repair items!

  2. at first I thought this was your house! haha. So did the malware affect your computer or just your blog? yikes!
    This post is inspiring!

  3. yes, my extra button and thread container is overflowing!!! i need a bigger one...

    the malware just affected my computer. B's email got hacked which is why our other blog was affected. i think it's all better now though.

    this makes me want to go to The Container Store...

  4. This post is making me more and more excited about my new place! I can't wait to decorate!!!

  5. this TOTALLY makes me want to go to the container store and organize all my stuff! i love it when everything fits perfectly into their respective container.

    at one point i organized all my extra repair items into little containers separated by color and size... since then all new items have just been thrown into the drawer however. at one point i even considered throwing them all away! when's the last time you've actually searched through your container to find your spare button? hahaha.

    i'm pretty sure i've seen those bamboo containers at the container store... we should go!

  6. agreed. all of this does look pretty amazing!

  7. yes, i have NEVER used a spare button. NEVER. just recently a pretty fancy decorative button came off one of my Ted Baker tops and i am pretty sure i don't have a spare one of those... even if i did... i probably wouldn't be able to find it in my spare button box. haha

    i do think that is a bit too organized for spare buttons and thread, but its so pretty. hehe.

    i think the underlying concept to why these pictures look so nice and organized is the fact that in each photo there are only like 3 colors. there's no way my medicine cabinet can have just GREEN stuff.