Monday, May 31, 2010

Obsessions: Halston Fall 2010

(All images courtesy of

The Fall 2010 Halston collection is the perfect blend of structure and bohemian style. I love how the slight touches of beading and studs hint at current trends yet is not overdone, and the peek-a-boo slits add sex appeal to seemingly conservative dresses. The rich color pallette also really adds to the collection.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lovely Obsessions: Slippers

My second was only $30 at Macy's with my coupon!
My first love!!!! With another coupon, it was only $40!

I'm officially obsessed with slippers! =) Since I'm on my feet pretty much all day at work, I NEVER wear heels anymore cause it's just too uncomfortable. So, I was on my way out of Pearlridge today and came across these two wonderful slippers. I've been looking for my first love for quite some time cause I saw it in a Macy's ad a while ago. I was so excited to get them made my day. =)

Lovely Obsessions: Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy

As you all probably know, I'm pretty obsessed with yoga, and I'm also into workout DVD's because I have yet to bring myself to pay for a gym membership, and I enjoy working out in the privacy of my own home where I can slack off as much as I want without anyone seeing. So I was really excited when I heard that Jennifer Aniston's yoga instructor Mandy Ingber came out with a DVD workout! Mandy Ingber is quirky and funny, and she provides unique perspectives to yoga and working out in general. The soundtrack is really great, the videography is artistic and aesthetically pleasing, and the workout is pretty difficult (I didn't fully break a sweat, which I was disappointed about, but my weak ass couldn't even do 100% of the lunges, and my legs were hurting the next day!!!!). She combines a lot of common (but really good) exercises with yoga poses, like crescent pose + lunges, chair pose + squats, and boat pose + sit ups.  This is super good because it's a semi-cardio/sculpting workout, but as a result feels a little less like real yoga.  Seriously though, watching Mandy Ingber on the TV screen is pretty motivating in itself cause she has an awesome body.

If I just really want to do yoga (yunno, mind+body workout type thing), I think I might prefer Rodney Yee, even though I feel silly watching him on TV, with his teeny tiny speedo outfits and long braided hair (kind of a strange sight to see). But his power yoga workout is hard and fun, and he's so good at making it look easy which is extremely motivating.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely Obsessions: model Rachel Rutt

{ - Christian Cota Spring 2010 RTW}


{ - Doo.Ri Resort 2010}

{ - Doo.Ri Resort 2010}

{ Doo.Ri Resort 2010}

I think I like her because she looks like a mix between Katie Holmes and Blair Waldorf (not Leighton Meester), and one more person that I can't think of.  It's funny how being obsessed with fashion makes you at least semi-obsessed with models too (or is it just me?).  And now because of her I'm obsessed with Doo.Ri Resort 2010!  I need those shooooooooessss!!!!  

I love loving things I can't and won't ever have.  Is that weird?

Lovely Obsessions: Summer Stripes

if summer stripes could show me the way...

it's always you. how do you do it?

Patterson J. Kincaid please.

keep that head up, Kim Noorda, you are beautiful & brave.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely Eats: Earth & Sea

Blue Hill at Stone Barn
(Top L-R) hakurei turnip, easter egg radish, carrot, baby bok choy, ficoide glaciale; fiddle head ferns; (Mid L-R) mini asparagus burgers & citrus shots; brioche with ramp & ricotta; (Bottom L-R) pork marrow & caviar; tilefish

...and then it became too dark to continue with photos (it's a no flash restaurant).

Chelsea Market
lobster roll

Hill Country
green bean casserole, white shoepeg corn pudding, chili, longhorn cheddar mac & cheese
whiskey sampler
brisket & ribs

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lovely Obsessions: May Play

yellow dresses
french desserts & fancy drinks(1) avocado & cheddar cheese (2) melted peanut butter 
(3) butter, cinnamon, & sugarhappy birthday dear franciswoof social networking... & baby otters

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lovely Finds: drybar

{dry bar}
I saw this on the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog today. What an awesome bridal shower/bachelorette party idea!  Is this gonna be the new mani/pedi?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovely Adventures: VEGAS

Usually I'm the person trying to convince everyone to go anywhere but Vegas since the 4-hour drive, smoky casinos and late drunken nights is not what I call an ideal weekend, but when D asked if I wanted to tag along on his friends' Vegas trip, I got excited. It's been a couple years since I last went and I've been wanting to make a trip out to the desert for my kind of guilty pleasure... outlet shopping!

The Las Vegas Premium Outlets have made some great additions in the past few years and I've been dying to check out the Ted Baker Outlet ever since H went a year or two ago. I set out hoping to find some great deals, and the outlets did not disappoint!

Here are the newest additions to my wardrobe:

Ted Baker Wrap Scarf Top - $55+20%off (Retail $115)

Ted Baker X-Over Back Dress - $125+10%off (Retail $295)

French Connection Ruffle Pleated Dress - $60+30%off (Retail $168)

7 for all mankind LS Scoop Neck T - $49+50%off (Retail $98)

And accessories:

Cole Haan Air Lyric Ballet - $150+60%off (Retail $150)

J.Crew Studded Gray Skinny Belt - $29.50+30%off (Retail $35)

Prescriptives Well-Suited Eye Color Compact in Neutral - $28 (Retail $40)