Friday, May 28, 2010

Lovely Obsessions: Slippers

My second was only $30 at Macy's with my coupon!
My first love!!!! With another coupon, it was only $40!

I'm officially obsessed with slippers! =) Since I'm on my feet pretty much all day at work, I NEVER wear heels anymore cause it's just too uncomfortable. So, I was on my way out of Pearlridge today and came across these two wonderful slippers. I've been looking for my first love for quite some time cause I saw it in a Macy's ad a while ago. I was so excited to get them made my day. =)


  1. cute! perfect for summer...

  2. I'm all for comfort, too! they're very sparkly and cute and I really like the gold ones. I love your coupon deals!!!!! hahah! :)