Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely Obsessions: model Rachel Rutt

{ - Christian Cota Spring 2010 RTW}


{ - Doo.Ri Resort 2010}

{ - Doo.Ri Resort 2010}

{ Doo.Ri Resort 2010}

I think I like her because she looks like a mix between Katie Holmes and Blair Waldorf (not Leighton Meester), and one more person that I can't think of.  It's funny how being obsessed with fashion makes you at least semi-obsessed with models too (or is it just me?).  And now because of her I'm obsessed with Doo.Ri Resort 2010!  I need those shooooooooessss!!!!  

I love loving things I can't and won't ever have.  Is that weird?


  1. she is so cute! she looks so innocent. it's kind of weird that she looks really asian in some pics and in others, she looks really mixed.

    i really like the outfit in the 3rd pic...kind of like an undone-sexy-yet-conservative look.

    yes...loooove those beige shoes! and that last dress is fantastic.

    i like liking things i can't have...but to me, it's more like motivation that i WILL have stuff like that one day. we're still young!

  2. in some pics she looks like S's youngest sister.

  3. she does look quite different in each look.

    love thoes shoes! who makes them?!?

    i really like the the white outfit (second pic), but its something i could never pull off. and the last two dresses are really pretty.

  4. cute! is she hapa? or chinese? she reminds me of the daughter from Gilmore Girls in some pics too.

  5. i think she's hapa, she's also from australia i think.