Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely Eats: Earth & Sea

Blue Hill at Stone Barn
(Top L-R) hakurei turnip, easter egg radish, carrot, baby bok choy, ficoide glaciale; fiddle head ferns; (Mid L-R) mini asparagus burgers & citrus shots; brioche with ramp & ricotta; (Bottom L-R) pork marrow & caviar; tilefish

...and then it became too dark to continue with photos (it's a no flash restaurant).

Chelsea Market
lobster roll

Hill Country
green bean casserole, white shoepeg corn pudding, chili, longhorn cheddar mac & cheese
whiskey sampler
brisket & ribs


  1. it all looks so yummy! my J would love 'hill country'.

    are you supposed to eat those veggies in the top left cluster of photos by itself or did it comes with dipping sauces?

    i've always wanted to eat a lobster roll...i'm jealous! how was it?

  2. yeah, did you eat the veggie thing with the turnips? and what is ficoide glaciale?

    i love all your pictures,did you actually go to that farm? (i looked up the restaurant interesting! when i come to visit you, you guys have to take us to cool places like that!

  3. Francis opted for the Stone Barn location over the Manhattan location for Blue Hill because of the more extensive seasonal tasting menu. the miniature vegetables were first dish of the first course. you just pick it off & pop it in your mouth. so fresh & tastey! ficoide glaciale is a crispy little green covered in cells that look like dew. i've never had anything like it before. i believe it's french.

    G enjoyed the lobster roll. i enjoyed the cole slaw. i found out at your wedding, S, that I am also allergic to lobster, after eating a lobster ravioli & starting to feel a scratching in my throat.

  4. omg, i did not know you were having a reaction to the lobster ravioli!! =( although, i do think that most people that are allergic to shrimp are also allergic to other shellfish, so i guess it makes sense.

    everytime i look at the lobster roll pic, my mouth waters!!

  5. oh i also forgot to mention... pork marrow??? eeeckkk...

    i want mac and cheese right now...

  6. everything looks super delish!

  7. wow those veggies look straight from the ground! the table setting is so pretty!

    me&D had that lobster roll on our NY trip and it was my fave of the 3 we tried. D's favorite was the one from Luke's bc it was hot and buttery and not made into a lobster salad.

  8. yummm.. oh lordy this post is making me so hungry.... seriously craving bone marrow right now!!