Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lovely Obsessions: May Play

yellow dresses
french desserts & fancy drinks(1) avocado & cheddar cheese (2) melted peanut butter 
(3) butter, cinnamon, & sugarhappy birthday dear franciswoof social networking... & baby otters

{french frosting; katstyles; serious eats; nbc}


  1. you HAVE to do peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon! =P

    how'd you find the french frosting blog? its interesting...

    what kind of french desserts??? =)

  2. p.s. i love B.J. Novak! so funny.

  3. really? that sounds like an odd combination. i'll try it though. i have all of those things.

    lemon tarts & macaroons!

    did you see the season finale?
    kelly: "of course i'm the leak. i think i tweeted it. i can't control what i say to people, i spend the whole day talking. i mean, i video chat, i skype, i text, i tweet, i phone, i woof..."

  4. delicious.

    the office finale is still in our dvr. shhh.

  5. probably the best office episode i've seen. watched it on dvr then twice on took a few tries to get a still shot of the Woof in action (AS the fax was arriving!).