Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovely Adventures: VEGAS

Usually I'm the person trying to convince everyone to go anywhere but Vegas since the 4-hour drive, smoky casinos and late drunken nights is not what I call an ideal weekend, but when D asked if I wanted to tag along on his friends' Vegas trip, I got excited. It's been a couple years since I last went and I've been wanting to make a trip out to the desert for my kind of guilty pleasure... outlet shopping!

The Las Vegas Premium Outlets have made some great additions in the past few years and I've been dying to check out the Ted Baker Outlet ever since H went a year or two ago. I set out hoping to find some great deals, and the outlets did not disappoint!

Here are the newest additions to my wardrobe:

Ted Baker Wrap Scarf Top - $55+20%off (Retail $115)

Ted Baker X-Over Back Dress - $125+10%off (Retail $295)

French Connection Ruffle Pleated Dress - $60+30%off (Retail $168)

7 for all mankind LS Scoop Neck T - $49+50%off (Retail $98)

And accessories:

Cole Haan Air Lyric Ballet - $150+60%off (Retail $150)

J.Crew Studded Gray Skinny Belt - $29.50+30%off (Retail $35)

Prescriptives Well-Suited Eye Color Compact in Neutral - $28 (Retail $40)


  1. ooohh i love it all! =) what great finds!

    did you notice all your clothing additions are grey and black? hehe. the wrap top by ted baker is really cute! i like how everything is work and weekend appropriate.

    the studded jcrew belt is also very cute. i've been wanting a studded skinny belt.

    you've successfully convinced me that i need to make a trip to vegas to go shopping!

  2. damnit woman, i'm super j! i love everything you bought and it's all color coordinated. i heart great outlet shopping finds!

  3. i love everything! you wouldn't believe it but i just recently bought a j.crew studded belt!!! it seriously looks like the one you bought except it's light brown with square studs instead of circular studs!

    i've totally see the Ted Baker top and dress!!! i love them both, i've always wanted a suit-ish dress but they're always so expensive and dry-clean only. A-W-E-S-O-M-E deals!!! I love how you included the prices (sale and retail) because that is definitely important information. =)

    the FC dress is super cute, it looks like S's NYE party dress, which is the same dress i tried on at j.crew in gray. i love the pleats.

    i really like the cole haan flats, they're definitely something i wouldn't take a second look at if i was shopping myself but they're really cute! i always think to myself that i want to have you guys go shopping for me one day so you can choose things i wouldn't normally buy. i feel like i end up buying all the same stuff!!!

    the prescriptives eyeshadow compact is really nice, i love the colors. you know, i think i've decided i don't like the cheapy drugstore eyeshadows we bought from Ulta. they're not as pigmented or something. =( i do like the mineral powder and liquid foundation though. and i like my foundation brush. and of course i love my nail polish! =) but yah... i guess i'll stick to dept store eyeshadows from now on...

  4. yes i LOVE everything i bought. i told D in the cab on the way back to the hotel that i was SUPER happy. :)

    yah.. i noticed the black/gray trend while taking that picture, but its not surprising since most of my wardrobe is black or gray. in fact, i'm wearing black AND gray today. hehe.

    i don't like my revlon eyeshadow either. its very powdery and not pigmented at all. i can barely tell the difference between the 5 colors! i love this prescriptives compact though... i think its the perfect travel set. it covers both the neutral and smokey eye. =D

  5. OMG M, when I looked at all your pictures of everything you bought, it totally made me wanna go shopping!!! You found such cute stuff! My favorite is your Ted Baker top...so jealous! I wish we had a better outlet mall over here...