Friday, April 30, 2010

Lovely Finds: Shoes Galore!

{Gold wedges - Bally; Gold flats - Guess; Black strappy booties - Franco Sarto}

1 in 10 visits. That's the odds of me actually finding something when I visit Nordstrom Rack. Today, I took a PTO day from work and decided to go shopping! After a pretty unsuccessful time at Ala Moana, I meandered over to Nordstrom Rack. What a great idea that was!

First, I stumbled upon these super cute suede buckle booties by Franco Sarto....for $40! Despite their appearance, these are pretty versatile shoes and will be perfect to wear to work with a black pencil skirt or on the weekends with skinny jeans.

Then I found these light gold flats with a slight wedge heel from Guess...for $40! Ever since my favorite pair of gold flats got ruined in the rain while on vacation in NYC, I've been searching for a cute, comfortable replacement.  The small heel on these flats definitely make it a lot more padded and comfortable to wear.

And finally, the best shoe deal I have ever scored! I was walking in the "designer" section of the shoe area and saw these dark gold, almost bronze peep toe shoes by Bally sitting on the shelf. Since I love to wear peep toe shoes and am a sucker for shiny objects, I picked them up, turned them over...and saw the price was $80. What? I checked again, thinking I missed the 1 before the 80. Nope, it was $80! I tried them on excitedly and they fit perfectly! Definitely the best shoe deal I have ever scored! Woo hoo! What an awesome way to kick off the weekend! =)


  1. awesome! seems like we all did a lot of shopping this weekend... heehee...

    i love the Bally find (i don't think i will ever own a pair of Bally shoes... what was the "suggested retail?") and the Guess flats are perfect! love the teeny wedge heel. i want me to gold flats! hehe.

    the franko sarto strappies are really cute too!

  2. oOOOoH! I LOVE getting deals! all of your finds are super cute and versatile. i'm really loving those strappy booties.

    i had a pair of nine west gold flats that i wore to death until i finally gave in a threw them out. i've been searching for a replacement ever since as well... and i bought a pair of gold flats this weekend from the cole haan outlet!

  3. thanks!

    i think gold flats are a 'must have' shoe. they can be dressed up or down, worn to work or on the weekends...and the gold adds just enough flash to any outfit to make it seem 'young' but refined.

  4. OHHH i love those black booties!! i love that it's not just straps.. but buckles! so cute!