Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lovely Beauty: Shu Uemura

I have been in the market for a new blush since my go-to blush, Nars (Orgasm), has dwindled down to just the edges of the container. I was also looking forward to being a bit more adventurous with cheek color after being inspired by my super-cute hair stylist who adorns her cheeks with a bright pink hue. So while waiting for my eyebrow pencil (I cannot live without this eyebrow pencil, it turns my thin colorless wisps into half-decent brows! I've actually gotten compliments on my eyebrows, so I know it works wonders) to be sharpened at my local Shu Uemura retail store, I played with all the pretty blushes and stumbled across this perfect pearly peachy blush. The pigment is quite intense and with just a couple sweeps across my cheek I have a new bright and happy face that shouts "it's spring!" :)

glow on blush - p45 - pearl vivid peach - warm undertone

side note: I have to mention how my love affair with Shu Uemura started, with their famous gold eyelash curler of course! If you do not have one, go out and buy one immediately!

So... I'm gushing to H about how much i LOVE my new blush when she blindsides me with this horrible news!

I was ready to go out and buy several reserves of my beauty staples, but it appears (for now) that they plan to continue online sales in the U.S. whew! I'm still extremely saddened by the news, especially in the wake of another of my cosmetic favorites, Prescriptives, exit a few months back. What has the world come to?! I realize this shouldn't be so high on my priority list... but this bad economy is really taking a toll on my makeup bag!


  1. Hmm....I think you have a knack for picking make-up items that are/will/may be discontinued!! Remember that blush we loved or prescriptives that they discontinued?! i'm so sad prescriptives is discontinued too...i went to buy some loose powder (the only thing i still used from prescriptives) and i was told they were discontinued! remember when it was discontinued and they brought it back? hmm...such a dissapointment.

    the pink looks like a nice color. you should do a blush-in-action photo so we can see what it looks like on!

    and yes, the shu uemura eyelash curler is the best thing ever!

  2. this blog is so bad. i now want to go out and buy me some pink blush! HAHA! Although in my defense, I really don't have a color i like/chose. one that i use came with an eyeshadow set, and the other i just bought with my bareminerals starter kit that the lady told me to get. so... i'm certainly due for some blush! and the pink color looks so pretty and i imagine it to look really girly and happy.

    I also want to try your eyebrow pencil (reading about it on the website totally sold me)! hah! but you have to go to the store to get your eyebrow pencil sharpened? I was thinking that the tip of the pencil looked like a shape that you couldn't just get by using a regular sharpener. but what happens when they close all the stores? how will you get it sharpened? just use a regular sharpener then?

    you know, i kind of assumed it was common knowledge that everyone should have the shu uemura eyelash curler, but maybe not? i showed B your post and he was asking if there was a difference between the gold curler and the regular curler. is there a difference? cause i have the regular one. i was thinking that i wanted to get the mini one after i watched a michelle phan tutorial because she used it on the outer lashes and i have a hard time getting the edges good. the internet is bad.

  3. oh yes! i do remember that prescriptives china peach blush... that was a really cute color. i don't understand why this happens to me? i feel like i wear very widely flattering colors so other people should be liking them too, right?

    blush-in-action! haha... i'll think about how i can logistically make that work. actually, the blush looks very pinky in this picture, but i real-life its alot more vibrant and peachy.

    yah... if you take it into the store they actually carve the pencil to sharpen it the way it is pictured on the website. the first pencil i used, i just sharpened it normal (pointy) but this time i decided to use the angled tip. i can't decide which way i like better... but when they close their retail stores, i'll be forced into sharpening the normal way unless i somehow learn and master their technique (and that will not happen).

    the gold curler is the same as the normal one, but its prettier and GOLD! =) the mini-curler is so cute, but i don't have enough lashes to warrant making eyelash curling a two step process. maybe i'll change my mind after watching the tutorial....

  4. hey guys, i Love your guys blogs! i was telling H that you guys remind me of sex and the city...well with out the sex

    i love reading about the latest fashion trends from your blogs. i just bought a shu uemura eyelash curler this morning after reading your blog! :) can't wait to try it out!

  5. thanks!

    i hope you love your new eyelash curler! it's really great... it gets really close to your lash line (without pinching like other brands) and gives a really nice natural curl. :)

  6. Haha that's so funny Lori! So have you tried the eyelash curler? Isn't it amazing?

  7. No, I ordered it online so I didn't get it yet. I've bought so many things on the Internet when I'm bored at work! So bad! I bought the mini at sephora this's super cute! The lady that did my make up used it on me... Didn't realize it was shu uemura! :)

  8. Yes, the eyelash curler is the best!!! Haha, Lori! When I get bored at work I check my email. Maybe I should start shopping online instead. =)

    By the way, has anyone found a really good volume mascara? I'm still trying to search for one...

  9. I've only tried a few mascaras (chanel, Shu uemura, maybelline, tart, victoria's secret, i can't remember what else...) but so far my two favorites and the shu uemura and covergirl lashblast.

    M recommended the CoverGirl Lashblast mascara so I tried it and I really like it. I have the Volume one in waterproof. the brush really keeps my eyelashes separated (so does the shu uemura and tart) more than maybelline and chanel. my only problem is that it is really hard to wash off since it's waterproof. M, it's still hard with those makeup remover pads we bought. I'm going to try the non-waterproof one next time, although in my experience, only the waterproof mascaras hold my curls.