Friday, January 21, 2011

Lovely Finds: The Coveted & Mary Kate Steinmiller's style**

Just clicked on this site, the Coveted, while getting my daily dose of because i'm addicted and I'm obsessed! I'm totally in love with the photography on this site, and the fact that we get to peek into the closets of the most fashionable people! I'm even more in love with featured Teen Vogue Fashion Market Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller's style. She says she wears mostly skirts made of rich fabrics paired with simple crew neck tops and sweaters, and tons of heels.  I love how the way she describes her personal style is so simple but the outcome is so rich and refined.  Makes me want to emulate this idea of just skirts, heels, vintage jewelry, and basic tops for a more classic and simple closet!

**Wow.  So after blogging about this, it seems as though there was a legal battle going on between Jennine Jacob and Coveted Media (of and Mark and Erin Kleinberg of this website, and so now they're called "The Coveteur."  See Fashionista for the story.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lovely Weddings: My Sister's Bridal Shower

 My sister’s garden themed bridal shower was at Plumeria Beach House at the Kahala Hotel in Hawaii.  Everything turned out perfect, and I especially loved the ambiance of the restaurant and told my sister I’d love to have my own bridal shower here some day!  The service was amazing, everyone enjoyed the food, and the strawberry shortcake was the best I’ve ever had!  For the centerpieces (which also served as favors) I chose pink Lisianthus, off-white spray roses, and white stock to put in mini bud vases adorned with green ribbon and personalized with each guest’s initial.  I set out 4 jewelry stands (purchased from Urban Outfitters) with assorted jewelry from Forever21 for the guests to choose as additional favors.  I had so much fun shopping for all the jewelry and saved a lot of money by creating the DIY bud vases with Martha Stewart tags and letter stickers, and pearl and rhinestone stickers I bought from Michaels.  I also used Martha Stewart labels for the prizes, which were easy to make since the labels are so pretty to begin with.  Can someone else please get engaged so I can plan another bridal shower?  Baby showers are acceptable, too! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obsessions: Lanvin Jeweled Sandal

Could this Lanvin sandal be any more gorgeous?!

The pearl and jewel embellishments + the lightweight pale gold shimmery fabric = perfection.

Too bad it comes with a steep price tag of $995.

If you had this shoe, what would you wear it with?
My idea: A loose cream colored silk button down top (sleeves rolled up)with just the front tucked into very light khaki trousers with rolled cuffs, a dark caramel colored brown belt, and a bunch of pearl necklaces.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Obsessions: MAXI MAXI MAXI

I know, I know...maxi dresses are so last last last season!!!! In any case, the weather here has been very rainy and windy, which may have spawned my strange desire for maxi dresses. Or it could have been the absolutely gorgeous orange, blue, and white beachy-ish Tory Burch maxi dress that I saw in Neimans the other day that I cannot find on the internet what-so-ever. Here's a few I'm daydreaming about...

For Daytime

J. Crew Siren Dress $98

Thakoon Wave Print Maxi Dress $750

Milly Chain-Print Maxi $450

For Evenings or Special Occasions

Temperley London Domitia Caftan $1,650

Halston Heritage Silk Blend Maxi $995

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lovely Weddings: Finding a bridesmaid's shoe

I'm extremely honored to have been chosen to be maid of honor at my sister's wedding next month, and am super excited that her big day is coming soon! But that just means my days left to find a pair of shoes to wear to her wedding are numbered!

I have to find a silver sandal that goes with a tea length strapless dress with a decently high stiletto heel, and preferably platform. I started searching websites and found a few "nice" pairs, but as always, got a little side-tracked ... and bumped into some drool-worthy heels that I just have to share with you all:

First, a pair of hot Brian Atwood's in nude...

And a more girly beige pair of Miu Miu's...

They look kind of pink to me, but whatever the case, I'm in love! Didn't someone say nude is the new black or something? If so, I agree! I love the edginess of the studded Atwoods, and the glamour of the jeweled Miu Miu heel.

Almost back on track on my search for silver sandals, I saw these two Jimmy Choo's...

Anyone have any lower priced options for me?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lovely Decor: DIY Wall Hanging

Shadowbox Frame + 2 Pins + Sack that previously contained Ad Hoc Fried Chicken mix
I'd been meaning to tackle this project for quite some time now. For Christmas 2009, J gave me a bunch of things from Williams of which was a bag of Ad Hoc Fried Chicken mix. I thought it'd be cool (and resourceful) to frame the bag instead of just throwing it away because it's special in two ways. 1) It was a gift from J, and 2) We've actually been to the restaurant a couple of times and really like it!
I found the shadowbox frame at a local craft store for $19.99. It came with pins, which I used to pin the Ad Hoc bag into the already upholstered backing. Then hang (I put mine in the kitchen). Simple as that!