Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lovely Weddings: Finding a bridesmaid's shoe

I'm extremely honored to have been chosen to be maid of honor at my sister's wedding next month, and am super excited that her big day is coming soon! But that just means my days left to find a pair of shoes to wear to her wedding are numbered!

I have to find a silver sandal that goes with a tea length strapless dress with a decently high stiletto heel, and preferably platform. I started searching websites and found a few "nice" pairs, but as always, got a little side-tracked ... and bumped into some drool-worthy heels that I just have to share with you all:

First, a pair of hot Brian Atwood's in nude...

And a more girly beige pair of Miu Miu's...

They look kind of pink to me, but whatever the case, I'm in love! Didn't someone say nude is the new black or something? If so, I agree! I love the edginess of the studded Atwoods, and the glamour of the jeweled Miu Miu heel.

Almost back on track on my search for silver sandals, I saw these two Jimmy Choo's...

Anyone have any lower priced options for me?


  1. these are sooooo yummy!! i drool over those miu miu's everytime i go to the mall.. sadly i do not.. but i would most def check out the non-salon section of nordie's.. i'm not sure if it's just me.. but i've been noticing a lot of shoes in the regular section.. that are "inspired" versions of the salon shoes.

  2. OMG those miu mius are TDF TDF TDF

  3. those miu mius are soo~ pretty! they look like the perfect blush tone. love love.

    those two jimmy choos would totally work with your maid of honor ensemble, but of course with a steep price tag. =/

  4. hehe- i always get side tracked. these are all super cute options! steve madden has the haylow, haylow-G and jaidde. not quite what you're looking for though...

  5. i saw the haylows, they're super cute, but don't know if they'd go with my bridesmaid dress....??

  6. Am dribble over those miu's everytime am go to the shopping center.. unfortunately i don't.. however, i would most def look at the non-salon segment of nordie's.. i'm not certain if it's just me.. be that as it may, i've been seeing a considerable measure of shoes in the consistent area.. that are "roused" renditions of the salon shoes and more