Friday, January 21, 2011

Lovely Finds: The Coveted & Mary Kate Steinmiller's style**

Just clicked on this site, the Coveted, while getting my daily dose of because i'm addicted and I'm obsessed! I'm totally in love with the photography on this site, and the fact that we get to peek into the closets of the most fashionable people! I'm even more in love with featured Teen Vogue Fashion Market Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller's style. She says she wears mostly skirts made of rich fabrics paired with simple crew neck tops and sweaters, and tons of heels.  I love how the way she describes her personal style is so simple but the outcome is so rich and refined.  Makes me want to emulate this idea of just skirts, heels, vintage jewelry, and basic tops for a more classic and simple closet!

**Wow.  So after blogging about this, it seems as though there was a legal battle going on between Jennine Jacob and Coveted Media (of and Mark and Erin Kleinberg of this website, and so now they're called "The Coveteur."  See Fashionista for the story.


  1. what a cute website! i especially like the layout because it's easy to navigate. the accessories are super cute too!