Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lovely Decor: DIY Wall Hanging

Shadowbox Frame + 2 Pins + Sack that previously contained Ad Hoc Fried Chicken mix
I'd been meaning to tackle this project for quite some time now. For Christmas 2009, J gave me a bunch of things from Williams Sonoma...one of which was a bag of Ad Hoc Fried Chicken mix. I thought it'd be cool (and resourceful) to frame the bag instead of just throwing it away because it's special in two ways. 1) It was a gift from J, and 2) We've actually been to the restaurant a couple of times and really like it!
I found the shadowbox frame at a local craft store for $19.99. It came with pins, which I used to pin the Ad Hoc bag into the already upholstered backing. Then hang (I put mine in the kitchen). Simple as that!


  1. very cute! and so kitchen appropriate. =)

  2. I love it! This is soooo creative and cute, and perfect decor for the kitchen! The fact that it's meaningful makes it even more special. What gave you this idea?

  3. It just came to me one day as I was looking at the empty bag... I thought it would be cool to frame...especially since I'm always looking for unique wall decorations.

  4. this is super cute and very creative!

  5. Hi, I couldn't find any contact info anywhere so I'll just let you know here... I've added your blog to my blogroll and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your posts on a regular basis. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  6. lovealamode: that is great to hear! we look forward to checking out your blog as well =)

  7. you know, i was actually going to make you all shadow boxes as gifts a few months ago... & then... out of nowhere... i didn't.

    (yea you know what that's from don't you.)