Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely Outfits: Urban Cowboy

{shirt: Saks Off Fifth, Skirt: JCrew, Booties: Banana Republic}

By no means do I fancy plaid shirts. I don't think I've even worn a plaid shirt since the 6th grade. But I am in love with this black & cream linen button down from Saks Off Fifth. The linen makes the shirt soft and moveable...not stiff like a lot of button down work shirts. And the black and cream doesn't scream 'lumberjack!' like some of the other plaid shirts I've seen in stores. This morning my male coworker looked at me and said 'you look like an urban cowboy.' I think I'll take that as a compliment.


  1. hahaha urban cowboy! i'm not sure i'd take that as a compliment, but i do love the outfit, especially your booties ;). i love the slouchy-ness... are they suede? I can never get myself to buy suede footwear because i know i'll ruin it in about half-a-day, but it can really make a shoe.

  2. i am predicting that i'll love all of your outfits, S! that also goes the same for everyone else, too, probably! hahah.

    the funny thing is that i actually bought those booties from banana in gray last year but ended up returning them because they don't look good on me since my legs are short. they look super cute on YOU, though! you make me wish i kept them, even though they wouldn't look the same on me! hahaha.

    that urban cowboy comment is super funny!!! how the heck? i definitely don't think you look like an urban cowboy, whatever that is. i think you actually look pretty business-y. and i love the j.crew skirt, too. do you think the shirt would look nice not tucked in, and belted, over the skirt? maybe if it was a shorter skirt. i haven't been wearing skirts lately so for some reason i have a hard time making outfits with skirts. i don't know why cause i used to wear skirts all the time! i just bought a skirt this weekend at H&M but i might return it because i don't know what i'd wear with it. hahha.

  3. oh i forgot to mention, i really love the colors of the plaid!!! i, too, never wear plaid, but i think i did wear a lot in 6th grade!!! hahah!

    i love the whole look!

  4. thanks guys!

    i used to shy away from suede footwear too, but since it was so prevalent last fall, i ended up with a few pairs. the suede isn't as delicate as i thought it would be though. oh and the boot has a stiff slouch, so you can totally see my white sock if you're standing next to me and looking at my shoes. haha.

    i think the shirt is kind of long so you could wear it unbuttoned over a dress and belted or alone with just leggings. i like the idea of wearing a shirt that's belted over a skirt...but i don't think i could pull it off.

    you should wear a skirt, H!!!

  5. ooooh it WOULD look super cute with leggings!!! wow how versatile a shirt! =)

    haha still haven't worn a skirt or dress to work... maybe i'll post on my first day of wearing one and see what kind of comments i get...hahah!

    i was looking at some fashion blogs and this title caught my eye... hahhhaah..

    you should have corrected your coworker and said "cowGIRL, not cowBOY!"