Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obsessions: Isabel Marant

{photos via net-a-porter}

...if only i could afford a brand new, more sophisticated wardrobe:
Louboutins, comfy sweaters, leather jackets, blazers, skinny jeans, and silk blouses
would be at the top of my list.  Isabel Marant's designs never really stood out to me,
but seeing these outfits made me realize these are the kinds of clothes I could really wear.  I guess it makes sense since I'm always like, years behind the fashion curve.  Not to mention that I'm usually about two seasons behind in shopping, as I'm currently buying summer's oldies at an "additional 30% off lowest sale price," while the fashion folk are purchasing pre-ordered, straight-from-Vogue winter clothes.  


  1. love. the outfits look so polished yet effortless.

    i only recently discovered that people in cold-weather states actually need to plan their winter coat purchases before winter actually starts! it never dawned on me that stores could/would run out of all the "good" coats!!!

    i love sales!!!

  2. yes love. love that these outfits are equally casual and elegant. perfect for almost any occasion.

    those items top my list as well!

    i'm really admiring that slouchy striped sweater. i'm glad to see stripes are still around for fall...

  3. definitely love this !
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