Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovely Cooking: If only you could have smelt it cooking...

Every so often, I get in the mood to eat risotto. I don't know if it's the rich, warm, creaminess of the dish that draws me in, or if it's because it reminds me of my trip to Italy last year, but it's definitely one of my favorite things to eat. If it's on the menu at a restaurant, chances are, I'm ordering it!

It's only fitting that one of my Christmas gifts from Jason last year was a Ruffoni hand-hammered copper risotto pan from Williams-Sonoma (pan).Before Christmas, I happened to point it out to Jason because I loved the copper color and the acorn handle details...but I never imagined he would get it for me! I love it so much, and we plan to get it mongrammed after we get married so it can be a family heirloom!

So last night I decided to make Champagne Risotto with Asparagus and petite Scallops. I followed a recipe I found on the Food Network's website from Giada DeLaurentiis (recipe) and added in some seared scallops to give it a little more substance. The recipe is simple and requires few ingredients, however, it is time consuming because you have to stand over the risotto and stir it constantly so it becomes creamy.

Sauteeing the minced onions and pouring in the arborio rice to coat.

Stirring the rice with boiling chicken stock.

Almost done! The rice has gotten creamy!

In the past, my risotto attempts had come out drier than I would have liked. I don't know if it was the pan or the recipe, but it turned out great!


  1. omigosh it looks SO YUM! I LOOOOVE risotto! So you used the white asparagus then? it's very white and creamy looking! yummmmm! although i woulda filled the pot with rice cause i could probably eat alllll that risotto in one sitting! hahha...

    and i love the pan, it IS very pretty, and looks nice with the monogram on the website. you must have a very complete kitchen with fancy pots and pans! you definitely need to do more cooking posts! =)

  2. it sounds and looks delicious! i DO wish i could smell it. haha.

    that is a really beautiful pan. =) when you get it monogrammed will it be his 3 initials? how does that work?

  3. thanks guys! i think we're going to monogram it with SKJ...but jason initially said just my I dunno. I'd rather it be our initials than just my initials.

  4. oh yeah, and i used white asparagus b/c i thought it would taste better...i feel like it has a lighter asparagus taste than the green one. although, it would be a prettier risotto if it were green asparagus.

  5. yeah i was wondering about monograms too. SKJ would be nice. =)

    i think the risotto looks nicer with the white asparagus, do you think it tasted better than if it was green asparagus? did j like your risotto? =P

  6. S, can you make me some? Haha! I've never had risotto sad. =(

  7. yeah, i like the flavor of white asparagus better.

    i could make risotto for dinner on thursday night for everyone! hehe.

  8. ohhh S your scallop risotto looks super yummy.. i saw this rissoto pan at W&S too.. i desperately want one!!! I LOVE LOVE copper colored pans!! i want a kitchen full of them hanging from the ceiling!