Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obsessions: shopbop dresses

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Top row from left: Foley + Corinna Lace Dress, $350; Twenty9Twelve Venetia Dress, $360; Sachin + Babi Eva Dress, $325; Twinkle Greek Goddess Dress, $319 on sale for $223.30.

$181.50; Twinkle Evening Walk Dress, $302 on sale for $151; Anna Sui Braided Metallic Strap Dress, $471 on sale for $141.3; Hanii Y Dana Dress, $420 on sale for $295

While it seems everyone is scrambling at the last minute trying to find the right dress to wear to S and J's big day, I realize I should probably start shopping around for something to wear to B's brother's wedding in July.  I know it's a while from now, but almost every single time I have an occasion to shop for, I end up buying something I only kind of like, or wearing something I already have.  While I'm not against reusing clothes by any means, the three weddings I'll be going to in Hawaii are probably among the most "important" functions I'll be attending all year (probably all my life too!) so I hope to at least be wearing something different at each one!  So I'm trying to prevent the headache and stress of finding a dress by doing some research... just to see what's out there, what style I might want to focus my energy looking for, and what price range I'll be looking at.

Although price range will probably be one of the most important factors, I still feel like I'm pretty far out from the wedding in July so I did a little "daydreaming."  I don't wear expensive clothes, and I don't have an impressive income... so why are all the dresses I love at least $200?  And why do they never have my size?!  The only dresses on sale for almost affordable prices are all sold out in my size!  And by "affordable" I mean somewhere under $200, which I don't know is actually affordable for me, but hey clothes are my priority so I must admit that my definition of "affordable clothes" is a teensy bit skewed.

Oh how I would be so happy with a wardrobe of these beautiful dresses.  They are all so gorgeous.  The first dress is one of my favorites-- click on the link to see the lace up close, and the back of the dress, it's so cute.  I don't think the Anna Sui dress would look nice on me and it's a little too structured and stiff looking for my taste (hawaii wedding = flow-ey and light, right?) but I still love it.  Most of the dresses are a mix between the kind of style I just love (classic, sophisticated?) and what I think would be flattering for me.  As you can tell, a couple of the dresses would definitely NOT be flattering on me nor would I even try to make them work (a.k.a. twenty8twelve venitia dress, something only a tall slender person could pull off, and anything but would be a disaster!), but it's nice to admire how beautiful they look on the models!

Sometimes I think I choose dresses subconsciously because I like a certain model-- in this case you might have already noticed that the brunette chick is modeling 4 of my favorite dresses!  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But I must point out that when looking at Victoria's Secret Catalogs I always go for the lingerie and bikini's that Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing.  Like this bikini, for example.  Ugly bikini, but why do I want to buy it?  Probably because she looks amazing in it.  I know me buying it will not transform me into a model, and I don't expect to look like her in it... but for some reason I want it!  

After looking at the prices and size availability, there really isn't anything I can buy from this batch of dresses.  I guess the hunt continues...

P.S. I'm so glad I have something to wear to S's dinner already!!!  And it was well within my ideal price range! =)


  1. hahaha, yes, i definitely think the person modeling the outfit can make the piece of clothing more desirable. hehe.

    ironically, my favorites are the structured pieces...the twenty8twelve venetia dress and the anna sui braided metallic strap dress. i really like structured dresses, which is even more ironic, since you associate hawaii with flowy and light. hahaha!

    i always gravitate towards pieces out of my price range too. it makes me sad. =(

    i'm glad you already found something for m y dinner! yay!

    p.s. i really like the new color scheme and formatting of the blog! good job!

  2. i think the reason i don't usually go for the "structured" type dresses is because it draws more attention to your arms and legs. if i was super toned i'd probably wear the venetia dress. i think my faves are the foley + corinna lace dress, twenty8twelve venetia, and twelfth st. one shoulder. I LOVE the twinkle greek goddess dress but it looks too dressy for a hawaii wedding and the back is a bit too complicated. the twinkle evening walk dress and hanii Y dress are just simple and easy looking. i love the anna sui dress but i think i'd look horrible in it. But i think they actually have my size in that!!! =(

    yes i'm wearing my w by wb dress yay!

    i found a zillion more dresses i love on shopbop... probably gonna do a post on that later... hah!

  3. ooo... pretty pretty! my faves are the twenty8twelve venetia and the twelfth st. one shoulder.

    i agree, a model can really sell a dress/piece... there are so many things that look great online/in-print but not-so-appealing in-store.

  4. They all look so pretty, but I love the one on the bottom left! =) For some reason I always like one shoulder or strapless dresses. H, I think you could wear any of them cause you're so skinny! Anything looks good on skinny people!

  5. ooh... i like the first one too. not sure how i feel about wearing white, but i like dresses that i can wear a regular bra underneath.

    and i love alessandra too. or at least i did when she was first in there. i wanted to buy everything she modeled too. even stuff i had absolutely no use for like crazy lingerie.

    i agree that you can wear anything cuz you're skinny too!