Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lovely Adventures: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

{entering hogsmeade}

{roller coaster}
{fake owls perched on beams inside an open pavillion}
{the butterbeer was delicious! the non-frozen version tasted like sweet cream soda topped with melted ice cream. the frozen version tasted like a cream soda flavored icee}

{hogwarts. there was a cool ride inside the castle. }
{in the hogwarts greenhouse}
{dumbledore's office. he's on the balcony.}

{the people in the pictures were animated and actually spoke; this is the room where the staircases always changed}


  1. so cool! hogwarts seems much smaller than i have imagined.

    i wanna try butterbeer! they should have an alcoholic version. hehehe. it's supposed to be... right?

  2. so i'm still stuck on book five and have been for-everrrrr. one day i'll finish them all...

    must have been so cool! the butterbeer sounds delish! =)

    i'm so glad you went so you could share pictures with us all!