Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lovely Beauty: Birchbox

I've been ordering makeup online at a lot lately, and I've been loving the samples I get with every order.  Every beauty product out there makes lofty claims and promises, but how many times have you purchased some well-reviewed name brand product only to find out it seems to work just as good as some generic product you already have at home, and for triple or quadruple the price?  So spending $50 on some moisturizer I've never tried is such a risky investment.  I've definitely discovered some great products through free samples, so Birchbox is sounding pretty appealing right now.  Every month, you pay $10 to receive a box of hand picked deluxe samples, along with instructions and tips on how to use the products.  They also apparently have informative articles and tutorials on their website on various products, which sounds like a great idea.  What good is a great beauty product when you're using it all wrong?

Seeing the products they have on their website currently is tempting me to join Birchbox...


  1. Omg. I was totally looking at this site this morning! It's such a neat concept.

  2. i saw this today too! it does seem like a great idea... and $10 a month is a very reasonable price to pay to get to try all these new products. if they can get more brands to participate i'm sure they'll do well!