Monday, October 11, 2010

Lovely Eats: Texas State Fair

J & I made it a point to visit the Texas State Fair while we were in Dallas. We were dying to sample all the unique and yummy deep fried food that we would never be able to find here in the Islands. Our favorites included the chicken fried bacon, deep fried frito pie, and fried green tomatoes. The deep fried beer was a soggy-cracker-miss, and the deep fried butter was surprisingly yummy - but only in a one bite and you're done sort of way. We even stopped in at an aquarium where we saw an albino crocodile and fed stingrays (super cool but sorry, no pictures for that) and also visited a petting zoo where we had fun feeding all the animals.

{Big Tex - he even talks!}

{tons of animals at the petting zoo}

{deep fried butter with garlic butter sauce}

{caramel apple; fried green tomatoes (top); deep fried beer (bottom)}

{deep fried frito pie}

{chicken fried bacon}


  1. wow the deep-fried butter seems to be swimming in a pool of butter as well. texas takes it one giant step further with their deep-fried assortment of goodies... they make deep-fried twinkies seem ordinary!

    the baby animals are so cute!

  2. what is frito pie? the deep fried butter swimming in butter looks pretty gross!!! fried green tomatoes sounds delish though! what else did you guys eat? more pictures to come?

  3. frito pie = fritos covered in chili. i believe you can get it at sonic. the deep fried version consisted of frito scoop chips with chili in the scoop part, battered and fried, served with sour cream and salsa. it was very good!

    we also had sausage on a stick, sweet tea, and deep fried snickers at the fair. the oily food got to us after a while...yeah, big surprise there. haha.

    surprisingly, i took very few pics! however, i have enough for a couple more posts later! =)

  4. oh dear, that's a lot of fried food. as much as all that fried food makes me want to take a nap just looking at it- i am strangely intrigued and want to try! haha.