Friday, February 12, 2010

Lovely Cakes: The Great Cupcake Pan

The Great Cupcake Cake Pan
One of the gifts my wonderful fiancee gave me for Christmas 2009 was The Great Cupcake Pan from Williams Sonoma. I decided to try it out for a party and it came out better than I expected!
The cake pan was so easy to use and even came with it's own recipe for a white cake and butter-cream frosting. The only downside to the super cute pan? It takes about 75 minutes to bake all the way through, so it's not a cake to make if you're in a hurry. This is definitely a must have cake pan if you want something cute and fun!


  1. i went to B's cousin's house for a birthday party yesterday and he had a cupcake cake! except his mom said she got it from "as seen on TV." so it was a little different. It seemed smaller than what i imagine yours to be, too.

  2. yay 3 posts on the "first" day of our blog! wow, S, that is an AWESOME cake! seriously, it looks professionally done. However, i can't tell exactly how big it is... it seriously looks like it could be like 2 feet tall... i'm gonna take a guess that it's around 1 foot tall? i LOVE the little pacifiers!

  3. that is a huge cupcake! and it turned out super cute. can i borrow it? a friend of mine just told me she was expecting! =)

  4. this is both hilarious and awesome at the same time! LOVE it.