Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lovely Outfits: Kate Spade Necklace

{Fuchsia Dress with tiered ruffle skirt - Gap, Opaque Black Tights - Target, Strappy Patent Zip-Up Booties - Nine West, Gold and Fuchsia Flower Pendant - Kate Spade, Chunky Gold Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs}

This morning I picked up a package from the post office and it turned out to be a bday present from S! Not only is the necklace super cute, but also happened to match my outfit perfectly. :) I slipped it on and completed my outfit for the day. Thank you S, I love it!

Here's a closer look at my new chunky gold watch (also a gift, thank you D!). I've been searching off and on for a bold faced gold-link watch for a while and was pleasantly surprised that my bf picked out this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch for me all by himself! I was looking for a watch with a completely different shape and probably would have glanced right past this one, but I absolutely love the shape and details of this watch. It's bubble-shaped face and smooth curved links are super cute, and my new favorite accessory!


  1. I really like your outfit, it's cute! What did S get you, the necklace? I like the pic of your accessories. I like your shoes, too, i think i've seen them before and thought they were nice. and i love your watch! i, too, have been looking for a round face chunky gold and/or silver chain-link watch. I've been looking at Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, and a few others. The Marc Jacobs one is perfect because it's a good size (not too big) and the design is really simple. and plus i love MJ. GOOD JOB D!!!


  2. You look so cute M! =) the watch is really nice...chunky enough yet not blingy, if you know what i mean. and that is so cute that D chose it all by himself! what a thoughtful and attentive bf you have. glad you like the necklace!