Monday, February 22, 2010

Lovely Eats: Neros Steakhouse at Caesars Windsor

This past weekend, C and I went to Caesars Windsor for his birthday. For his birthday dinner, we went to the casino's signature restaurant, Neros Steakhouse.

To start, they gave us this really yummy herbed croissant-like pull apart bread with really smooth and creamy whipped butter. I don't usually eat bread at restaurants but I had 3 pieces of this!!!

Next were our appetizers...We ordered the Peppered Bison Carpaccio (top) and the Escargot (bottom). Both were really good. The Bison was flavored nicely and went really well with the macadamia nut oil and fleur de sel. The escargot was different from what you get at other restauarnts and they gave ALOT of escargot...There was probably like a dozen or so...I think at other places, you get like 6.

For Entrees, I had the Sweet Crab Marscapone Risotto (top)and C had the Alberta Lamb Ribeye (bottom). The risotto was OMG good! It was cooked PERFECTLY! The sad part is that I forgot my leftovers in the hotel fridge...-_-; The lamb looked good...didn't have any cause C ate it all which means it was good. Normally he offers some...haha. His lamb came with Bacon Gnocchi and that was delish.

To end the night, we had dessert. C ordered the sorbet sampler which came with Pineapple, Mango, and Lemon sorbets. They were okay but nothing compared to the cheesecake I ordered which ROCKED! Also, as you can see, they wrote Happy Birthday on my plate cause there was no space on the sorbet plate...haha.

Overall, it was a great dining experience soooooooo if you are ever in Windsor, you should totally check it out (and visit me ^_-).


  1. OMG bacon gnocchi sounds like heaven. i still can't get myself to try escargot but everything else looks absolutely delicious!

    Happy Birthday C!

  2. WOW all the food looks SO GOOD...except the escargot. i usually try to be open minded about food but so far i've decided i have no need to try escargot, there are so many other foods i like, no need to eat snail. also, i can't even look at a snail, how could i eat it? i have a hard time eating some fish, and snails are among the top of my nastiest creatures list (if i had a list, it would be up there. along with crayfish, worms, cockroaches... you get the point). Carpaccio and Risotto look YUM, and the bread looks like it might be like the popover bread thing they have at mariposa? HAHA i see what you mean about C liking the "healthy" desserts. i don't think i've ever ordered sorbet at a restaurant. there's ALWAYS something creamier or chocolately-er to choose. :) Hmm... while i doubt i will ever go to ceasars windsor on my own, if i ever go to visit you (which is more likely) maybe we can go there! hehe...

  3. YUM! All the food looks sooooo good, especially the risotto! <3 risotto!!!

  4. yumm your pictures have inspired me to make panchetta gnocchi for dinner tonight!