Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lovely Eats: Yoku Moku

B's parents came in yesterday and are staying for the weekend, and look what they brought! They were supposed to give it to us for Christmas (hence the christmas themed wrapping), but we never went home so now we get them.  I tried one and they are still just as deeeeelish!  If M & R are lucky, maybe they will get to have some sometime.  That is if I don't eat it all before I see them... and don't think I haven't accomplished such a feat in my life!

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  1. Christmas Yoku Moku... YUM!

  2. Yoku Moku is the best buttery, soft yet crisp, cookie wafer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ohh yes, I definitely agree! Did you eat them all already?