Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovely Outfits: S's Outfit of the Day #1

(Nanette Lepore fuscia dress with back pleating detail, Anthropologie black rose patterned tights, black Calvin Klein pumps)

Today it was 70-ish degrees and really windy today so I decided to take full advantage of the chilly weather by wearing the uber-cute black rose tights I received from H!


  1. super cute and surprisingly very professional for a fuschia dress and patterned tights.

  2. yay outfit post! i love nanette lepore, and i love the pleating detail. and the tights are so cute! glad you like them! :) you look really nice!

  3. OHH those rose tights are so cute with your dress!!! i'm absolutely obsessed with wearing dresses w/ black patterned fabric tights right now!!