Monday, August 9, 2010

Lovely Blogs: luluandyourmom

As funny as I find this post, the sad truth is that I agree with Lulu here, and even more sad is that I could totally be the girl in this picture.  For some reason I enjoy taking pictures of my food, and it just so happens that sometimes I'm in the picture with the food.  And I usually have a huge smile.  And I admit I am oddly passionate about what most people would probably consider to be mediocre food.  Although, I feel that my ability to observe this fact excludes me from being categorized with this girl.  Haha!

Anyway, check out her blogs luluandyourmom and, they're interesting and funny, and I admire her individuality in a world of a million fashion bloggers.  She totally reminds me of both T (her personality, and the fact that she's a writer, and she seems to like strawberries the same way T likes cherries) and my cousin Taylor (they look alike!).


  1. hahaha omg. this could totally be me. at least i would never post it on fb.