Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lovely Cooking: Giada's Spinach Lasagna Rolls

I haven't tried any lasagna recipes before because it seemed intimidating but, this weekend I was feeling ambitious. I found this Lasagna Roll recipe on the Food Network website. I somehow convinced myself that lasagna rolls were easier to make than a pan of lasagna because I would be making it in smaller portions- which of course is not true but it got me to try the recipe =P

I chose this recipe because:
1. Giada's dishes look really good on the Food Network
2. This recipe received over 1000 reviews and is still showing up with a 5 star rating.
3. I wanted to make something with prosciutto in it, since J loves this stuff.

This recipe was definitely a success! I can finally say I've made lasagna and to top it off, J loved it! However, as much as I love having leftovers, I'm not really looking forward to this entire week's lunch special...spinach lasagna rolls.


  1. oh my goodness!! that is indeed LOVELY cooking! i couldn't help but to instantly crave italian food as i was reading your post. :)


  2. wow, r, that looks so yummy! it looks like you slaved in the kitchen for a while too. how did you get the rolls to be so perfect?!

  3. that looks deeelish! i love giada, her recipes are the best!

    did you know there is a whole line of giada stuff at target? i just saw it last week... i want to buy the pasta just because it has giada packaging... hahaha.

  4. That looks soo good!

  5. yum those look cheesey wonderful.

    hehe, i <3 giada too! i've tried her pasta sauce and salad dressing from target... they were both really good! :)