Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lovely Blogs: Jennifer Causey's Simply Breakfast blog

{all photos via Simply Breakfast blog}

Isn't this just so inspiring?

I think my mornings would be much brighter if they began with breakfasts as vibrant, colorful, and fresh as these.


  1. is that over easy eggs and grits in the 3rd pic?? looks soo good!

    not sure how i feel about the food in pictures 2 and 4 though... =/

  2. haha yeah i just thought those were really interesting pictures. i love the photography on that site. it's so cute how some of her breakfast pictures have magazines and books in them, and usually a cup of steaming coffee. just gives you that just-got-up feeling, on a quiet, peaceful, crisp sunday morning. doesn't it?! i know, i'm such a dork! but seriously, can't you feel it?

    she's apparently also a wedding photographer, and has books!

  3. the second one is :
    whole wheat couscous made with almond milk, a little maple syrup and sliced almonds. green tea.

    and the third one is:
    grits cooked in veggie broth, fried egg, over easy. winter cheer.


  4. these pictures make me feel like she's out on some country farm with fresh eggs from the chicken coop! hehehe. she eats alot of eggs!

    those grits do look yummy. i want to try that!

    the description of #2 sounds much much yummier than it looks.

  5. i would love to wake up every morning to any breakfast like this! all her pics makes her breakfast look very simple and delicious.