Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lovely Blogs: Victoria Törnegren

This is what I picture minimalism to be at its best.  Her bedroom is all white, and straight out of an Ikea showroom (which I might have just made up knowing that she is from Sweden).  It's incomprehensible that this girl's closet comprises of just two racks.  And yet every outfit of hers is so complete.  I love every single one of them!  The idea of an almost all-black wardrobe sounds so tempting--the fact that everything matches multiplies your outfit permutations by like a million!  And don't you just love that yellowish-greenish top/dress?  It just wouldn't be as special in an all-neon wardrobe.  

I'm addicted to her blog, even though the Google Swedish-to-English translation just doesn't quite cut it--although it's pretty entertaining to read all the broken English.


  1. the english translations are quite entertaining. :D

    is this really her bedroom? she's gotta have a closet or spare room somewhere with all her extra stuff.....

  2. this girl looks like she'd be so cool. doesn't she?! hehe.

    yeah but i doubt that is her real closet. i mean, there's no way! that rack looks like it's only comprised of jackets and a couple of dresses!!!

  3. i don't believe that's her bedroom. that's the studio where they take the pictures.

    also it is kind of irritating the way she points her toes in for every single picture, while looking down at her petite feet. new pose, please!

  4. i guess i am the only gullible one here! i totally believed that that was her closet! but... i guess maybe not. it's just that i can imagine all her clothes (that i've seen in posts) being able to fit on one rack!