Friday, August 13, 2010

Obsessions: Alexander Wang

{Acne Jacket, T by Alexander Wang skirt & top, Acne boots, Alexander Wang bag // via Caroline's mode}

This outfit is perfect for the psuedo-summer we're having, during which I am trying to embrace the idea of wearing lots of black. I disagree with whatever or whoever tried to ingrain in my head the idea that sundresses are the uniform for summer. While I love bright, colorful, flowery dresses, I hate to feel I can't or shouldn't wear something just because of what season it is. However, I am probably the only person with this mental block to overcome... But I am proud to say that I've finally broken my you-can't-wear-silver-with-gold-jewelry mental block. Yay for baby steps!

Also, I need me some T by Alexander Wang basics! I love that skirt!


  1. i am all for wearing black in the summer. screw all the bright, flowy, summery, printed dresses!

  2. yes, i believe black is a year-round staple.

    love that skirt as well... its sooo~ short though, i could never pull that off.

  3. I was so inspired by this post, that this weekend I ended up buying this skirt from the Saks Outlet.

  4. cute! yeah i definitely want to get some black skirts. I need a casual one like the T by AW.

    i'm guessing that the skirt she's wearing in the pic is one of these:

    ...and they don't look that short...