Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovely Finds: Balenciaga 10th Anniversary Special Edition: Lizard Embossed

{image via Purseblog}

Since S had such a horrible experience with her Chanel purchase this week and decided she wanted a gray Balenciaga instead, I was excited when I saw this on Purse Blog today.  I think it would be a good (and also cheaper) alternative to the Chanel she was originally looking at.  What I love about it is that it is embossed lizard, and made of lambskin, which is much softer (and MUCH cheaper) than actual lizard skin.  
The bag is gorgeous!  You should get this, S!


  1. what a coincidence!

    i'm not sure i love the color of this bag... it's almost lavender looking. maybe it's just the picture.

    the embossed lizard looks really nice in black... but we're not looking for a black bag here. =/

  2. this bag is kind of lavender/pink-ish.

    i like the texture of the bag...i wonder what it looks like in person?

  3. this bag looks amazing. but i'd have to agree with M that the lizard embossed in black also looks amazing too!

    i've recently been obsessing over balenciaga =( maybe one day...

    S, what happened?