Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovely Blogs: P.S. I made this

this is pretty darn cool, and looks almost easy enough to actually 
take the time to try it out.  most of the time when I see DIY stuff i'm like 
"meh... you could just BUY that... and save yourself the time AND trouble. 
AND you still have to pay for the tools and materials."  
but in this case, it's a t-shirt, scissors, needle & thread, and pins.  
all stuff i already have!

click on the photo to go to the site.


  1. ooh fun! craft day?!?!!?

    love the shoe wrap thing too. let's do it.

  2. That is sooo neat! I'm sure it's a lot harder than it looks though...

    M, if you guys do make it, take pics cause I wanna see it. =)

  3. ooh cute!

    Seems like a fun project.

  4. wow! super cute! i'm amazed that it's DIY! it looks like it totally came from a cute boutique'y store!