Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obsessions: Valentino Lace-Printed Rubber Rain Boots

If I lived in a city that rained cats and dogs and I had to own a pair of rainboots...I would totally get these! So girly and cute. $295 from Saks.


  1. pretty... they look like the one's T got in italy!

  2. <3 rainboots, btw. but it doesn't rain here. =/

  3. ooooh you should see T's, they're very similar! I thought they were super cute too when she showed us!!! and she probably got it for wayyy cheaper! you should find out where she got them, and buy them next time you and J go to italy!!!!! (cause i know you guys will be back there before you know it!)

    yeah it REALLY doesn't rain here, although ironically, it is raining today! of all days...

  4. I don't think it matters so much the amount of rain as it does the amount of time you actually have to walk in it. But really, you don't need rain to wear rainboots. I wear mine all the time. Well not now 'cause it's hot, but they keep your feet nice & snuggly so I'd wear them a lot during the winter, even if there was no rain, snow, or ice around or expected.

    Mine were approx 70 USD & I got them in Venice. And I love them. I'm so glad I got them even though I probably normally wouldn't have except that I had wine at lunch so I wasn't thinking straight.

  5. you should post yours, T! i want to see them.

    i would seriously look ridiculous wearing them here. ridiculous.

    drinking + shopping = freespending person with cloudy judgment