Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lovely Books: Classy by Derek Blasberg

“Logos are the equivalent of blinged-out hubcaps. Sure, you can spend a bunch of money buying four hubcaps that look like disco balls, but if you’re slapping them on the four flat tires of a beat-up Buick, it’s going to look ridiculous.” –Derek Blasberg, from his new book Classy.

I saw this book on Terry Richardson's blog and was curious about it so I looked it up on Amazon.  I went to Barnes & Noble and skimmed through some of the pages and had to buy it.  Only strange/embarrassing thing about buying this book (besides the title, and people thinking you wannabe "classy") is that it was in the self-help section of the bookstore!  Whatevs, I have no shame.  This book is hilarious!  

One of the many entertaining topics Derek Blasburg writes about is throwing a fabulous party, and based on my previous knowledge of house parties, I could definitely use a tip or two!  In my experience, a house party either includes sitting in someone's garage on beach chairs drinking Natural Light and eating lots of fatty fried/grilled/smoked/marinated meat or raw fish (learned from growing up in Hawaii), or it involves stacks of red plastic cups, jungle juice, party fouls, and keg stands in someone's dirty old house with sticky floors and couches that the residents had picked up off the side of the road (learned from college).  

And while my known definition of a party is not too shabby, I'd have to say, basically, I'm very un-classy.


  1. Hahahahahaha! The last part made me laugh, especially about the stuff you learned from college. I can totally relate! I learned the hard way not to eat a lot of the fruit in the jungle juice...=( It was a while since I had fruit so I was excited to eat them. Haha! I should definitely read that book too once I get my own place.

  2. who drinks natty-light?

    this book sounds great... the self-help section doesn't seem like the right fit for it though, maybe the comedy or gossip section? do those sections exist at barnes&noble?

  3. wow that is some fancy jungle juice with fruits! are you sure they were fruits? HAHA!

    wha??!?! doesn't everyone in hawaii drink it!? or maybe just my family? actually, part of my family thinks they are classy so they drink handles of red wine.

    "Who says wine has to cost more than milk?!" ~Joey Tribbiani, FRIENDS

  4. my family prefers bud light or heineken...

  5. what an interesting sounding book!

    My J does think it's quite odd that people in Hawaii hang out in their driveways. hahah. But hey, you can't blame us for taking advantage of the balmy weather!!!

  6. Okay, is it just me, cause I can't even picture what Natural Light looks like.

    You never had fruits in your jungle juice??? Eric tried to warn me before I got carried away with the fruits, but of course I didn't listen. Haha!