Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely Eats: Mercury Levels Rising

[Midtown East - NYC]
salmon sashimi

[Upper East Side - NYC]
sasabune daiginjo sake; ahi sashimi
ahi; oyster, stuffed squid
fluke, amberjack; chilled toro, butterfish
hamachi; salmon, scallop, uni
white tuna, bass, salmon roe; mackerel

Happy Anniversushi to G & me!

[The Borgata Hotel - Atlantic City]
peking duck buns; oysters
hamachi roll, toro, hamachi, uni, ikura; kobe beef carpaccio
asparagus, lobster; butterfish & beets

Sea Blue
[The Borgata Hotel - Atlantic City]
velvet glove shiraz; table bread & assorted dips
raw tasting trio
grilled mahi; chocolate trio dessert


  1. everything looks absolutely delish! i totally have a craving for some good sushi now.

    i wonder if izakaya is related to the izakayas and wasas here...

    sasabune omakase looks divine... may need D to take me to the one in LA! hehe.

  2. No, the Atlantic City Izakaya is a stand-alone, one of chef Michael Schulson's restaurants. It's not the same as Izakayas in other cities, unfortunately. I had hoped it was a chain 'cause the food is sooo good. Some friends have actually driven to AC just to eat there.

    Sasabune is also really good & they are so accommodating. I would recommend being really specific & to stop them at any time & tell them which dishes you want more of. Last time I went, I substituted hamachi & butterfish for a lot of the dishes that everyone else got (since there's a lot that I can't eat) & I liked that better than sitting through the entire chef-prepared round (as pictured above).

    I think Sea Blue was my favorite. Crazy good. I think I'd tag along on another AC trip to go there again.

  3. booo stupid blogger erases your comments when you click on the picture!! okay this is going to be a short-ish comment cause it erased what i wrote already!!!

    plus all i can say is everything looks SOOOO GOOOD, i LOOOOVE SUSHI! and the peking duck buns, oysters, soba, beef carpaccio... everything looks so good ... except the uni. eck. hehe.

    seriously though you eat a lot of mercury! be careful! i didn't realize you liked sushi so much!

    this post tells me you're definitely not on any type of food budget... HAHA!

  4. au contraire, Donburiya is very reasonable. the rest were subsidized, if you know what i mean.

  5. everything looks sooo good. i tried sasabune in LA! i heart sushi too, yum!

  6. oohh yummy! it all looks super good!

    what was in the stuffed squid fluke? and what is amberjack? the peking duck buns look sooo yummy!

    btw, love velvet glove! did you like it?! J bought like, 7 bottles of it. we still have 5 left to drink. it's like liquid gold. hahaha. i never liked shiraz until i tried velvet glove. we even met one of the owners of the winery (sparky) at a wine tasting dinner one of J's clients had here for a charity fundraiser. why does wine get me so excited nowdays??!?!?!

    okay, side question. i was watching food(ography) on the cooking channel and saw someone with G's brothers exact name (first and last!). That's not G's brother, is it??!!! because if it is, that would be totally awesome!

  7. i dunno what the squid was stuffed with. i didn't care for it, but it's only because i don't like squid. i don't really know what amberjack is but i think it's a type of yellowtail.

    i'll admit, i wasn't a huge fan of velvet glove (but thank you thank you, i am still so appreciative for the chance to try it, & also for the pretty wine bag!!) partially because i think it's incredibly overpriced for the taste. if it was like $40 i'd say it's a great bottle of wine. but right now there's this white wine that's on special at Crush (closest wine store to our place) & it's TEN DOLLARS & so yums. i think the best wine i've had so far was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns (refer to previous post). the bottle says Nikolaihof Wachau 1993 Fruner Veltliner Vinothek. i have no idea what any of those words mean & i don't know which ones are even relevant to the type of wine it is, but it was gooooood.

    i don't think it was him. was he just some guy eating at a restaurant or was he like a cook?? i think they have very common names, according to G.

  8. i tried to google that Nikolaihof wine but could only find the winery, not that specific wine. but i did learn that wachau is a region. haha. and it's cool that it's from austria!

    yeah, wine is definitely based on personal preferences. me & j have tried a wide range of pinot noir's and there are a few supposedly good ones that we had that we were like 'meh' but other people rave about. so i forgive you for not liking velvet glove. muahaha.

    i'm definitely not a fan of white wine though.

    the person with G's brothers name was actually one of those persons featured on the show..not randomly interviewed or anything. the show highlighted restaurants in NYC and he made comments about the food/restaurant and the guy looked pretty around 30. but his title was 'food writer' so i thought maybe it was G's brother's hobby. heh. it was this show and it was on ice cream.