Friday, June 25, 2010

Lovely Essentials: The Workweek

{black and cream pieces}

{black and cream cardigans}

{scarves for the chilly office}

{big yet conservative jewelry; layers of pearls}

{colored shoes add character to outfits}


  1. what a fun and inspiring work wardrobe =). i love how your scarves and shoes give a pop of color to your neutral outfits. and that webbed looking pearl necklace is awesome, you should do an outfit post with that one!

  2. <3 getting a glimpse into your wardrobe! you have some fabulous pieces...i especially love the gray and white striped scarf, tangled chain necklace and snakeskin gold/silver flats. ;)

  3. both the webbed pearl necklace and silver/grey scarf are old pieces from f21. and it's funny b/c i just wore both pieces last week (separate days).

  4. OMG S i loveeee your work wardrobe.. i'm obsessed with all things relating to black/white/grey & pearls/bows/ruffles/lace.. because they scream parisian chic.. so classic and timeless.

  5. Love these essentials! I couldn't agree more with you selections they are very close to the pieces that fill my wardrobe!!