Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovely Outfits: Getting Back to Reality

While dreaming of Chanel is fun, it's a good thing we have more affordable fashion alternatives like JCrew to save the day! These would go perfectly with H's Max Studio dress. I especially like the art-deco feel of the necklace, and the tiered clutch matches the tiers on the dress! The entire outfit can be paired with foolproof black pumps for a girly and demure look.

Crystal Carlyle Necklace ($98)


  1. i canNOT believe you picked that jcrew necklace. i was literally looking at it on the jcrew website when you posted the post!!!!

    although i'm debating between that one (Crystal Carlyle necklace), the Crystal devoté necklace, or the
    Crystal patch necklace. They're all on sale on the jcrew website til midnight tonight!!!!

  2. I helped. =D
    I walked 20 blocks up & 3 avenues over to J.Crew & tried on the necklaces for H.
    My vote was Crystal Patch but it wasn't in stock.
    So she got the Carlyle.

  3. yeah i really liked the crystal patch. but in the end... i wasn't sure how it would look, and it was more expensive.

    Thanks T! i think it's your fault i bought it... hahhaha. now u wanna go try on some shoes? hahhaha. i like having personal shoppers!!!!

  4. oh and BTW... it's really funny that S thought the necklace was "affordable" before it went on sale. and after it went on sale... i debated not buying it because it was still $49.99 (which is like, half price)!!! i did get an extra 20% off but that was basically cancelled out with shipping.

    buyer's remorse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i like the crystal patch too. im glad you got the crystal carlyle though! it's so pretty!

    i think after dreaming about chanel, anything is affordable. it's all relative!

  6. oh yeah and T, that's good exercise! =)

  7. ohhh that crystal carlyle necklace is sooo cute! especially with the little black bows!