Friday, July 30, 2010

Lovely Cakes: Spam Musubi

Even though my grandma is no longer physically with us, I know she was happy that we celebrated my uncle's birthday (3 days after she passed). My uncle loves my mom's spam musubis, so he was thrilled to get this cake. I was exhausted after my first day back to work, so I didn't frost it very well. =/ Stay tuned cause my aunty's birthday is coming up and I plan to make a full on rose bouquet cake (my aunty and grandma love flowers). =)


  1. hehe fun! glad you're putting you're cake decorating skills to use =)

  2. omigosh! I'm sure the cake tastes good because YOU made it, but it looks gross! hahah imagine if that was an ACTUAL HUGE piece of Spam!!!! hehe. And from the picture (with the couch in the background) it looks like a huge cake! That is a really neat idea for your uncle! I wouldn't know how to make a cake not look girly but still be fun! =) you're so creative J!

  3. hahaha... only in hawaii.