Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovely Outfits: my Tabitha Dress from Anthropologie

While looking up the clothing brand for this post, I came across this blog and found my new obsession, Tabitha dresses. I know the Tabitha dresses may not be "fashion forward" or edgy, but they're just perfect for me! Easy to wear (no need to rummage through my closet for something to go with my top since it's all one piece!), pretty flattering (cinching at the waist and long and loose at the hips and thigh area... and also loose at the top... haha!), and girly happy (vibrant colors and cute flowery prints)!


  1. such a lovely summer outfit for work or sunday brunch :)

    i usually don't like dresses that look like a blouse and skirt b/c they tend to fit awkwardly or look cheapy, but this tabitha dress fits you perfectly and gives a nice tailored look.

    <3 the shoes too... metallic flats are the easiest way to pull an outfit together and be comfortable at the same time!

  2. That is such a cute dress! I love dresses that make your waist look small. You made me wanna go back to Anthropology!

  3. what a cute outfit! see, you totally needed metallic shoes!!! =p i really like the knotting detail at the toe of the shoe!

    what necklace are you wearing? it looks pretty.

    i always think that if i ever get tired of one of those combination top/dresses, i could always cut the top off and just use the bottom as a skirt!! not sure how that would work out though...heh.

  4. i'm wearing a necklace i got from B's mom for my birthday, and the matching bracelet. i think they're from macy's. =)

    i seriously never liked those top/skirt dresses, but for some reason, i love Tabitha's! they don't look cheapy and i can't pinpoint why. i think it's because they look and feel more like a dress than a top and skirt, even though the top and bottom are completely different.