Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovely Designers: Chanel Pre-Fall 2010

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  1. hehe... looks like SOMEONE is on the verge of a new Chanel purchase soon... =P

    the first bag looks so chic yet usable/useful. if money was no object i'd definitely buy the patent flap and clutch... they're perfect for going out!

  2. i've been daydreaming about chanel lately... too bad a new chanel purchase is not in my foreseeable future. :(

    those lacey ballet flats are so cute!

  3. s! lucas is taking me to the chanel store tomorrow to pick out something for my birthday.. woot! i have my eyes on that patent camilia flap! will update you on how it turns out.. that necklace is soooo cute! you SHOULD totally get that pearl necklace.. i wear my chanel pearl necklace like almost EVERYDAY.. i love it to death.. i'm thinking about a black and white pearl one now too.