Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obsessions: Pouchettes

Love love love these teeny mini bags... they would add a perfect feminine touch to any summer outfit.  There is just one thing holding me back from making a pouchette purchase, where would I put all my stuff?  I'm the type of girl who considers hand sanitizer, a pack of Kleenex, Advil, mini-Swiss Army knife, gum, mints, etc. etc. amongst my absolute purse essentials and may not survive with the space these tiny purses provide!


  1. i'm always always drawn to RM and MJ. i love #6 and #8. and of course the vintage Chanel's are gorg. i didn't know they sold Chanel on shopbop! good to know!

    i, too, need ample space for my "necessities." I've been scaling down what I have been carrying with me, but i've discovered that is a huge mistake. flying out almost halfway from hawaii to california, only to turn around and come back (3 hours on the airplane) to spend the entire sunday night (from 1am to 6am) stranded at the airport, has changed my carry-on/purse content requirements completely. it would have been nice if only i had my face moisturizer!!! i am from now on carrying some face moisturizer with me everywhere i go!

    none of this cute-y patootie purses for traveling for sure!

  2. I love #8...the color with the gold go so nicely together! Love your blog too:)
    Julie xo

  3. vintage chanel for $3k?!?!?! o_O

    #2 is really cute.