Thursday, July 22, 2010

Obsessions: Steve Madden Annton

I am strangely drawn to this Steve Madden Annton shoe ($129.95). I like that it's a peep-toe-wedge-oxford-bootie all in one because it hits many of the current shoe trends at the same time without looking absolutely ridiculous. I'm not sure how 'office appropriate' it is though, and that usually is the deciding factor in my shoe purchases. What are your thoughts on this shoe? Do you think it can be toned down with the right outfit to be more office appropriate?


  1. <3 these! i definitely think they can be office appropriate when paired with a simple classic outfit like a pencil skirt and blouse.

    i love the covered hidden wedge and that it hints at an oxford aesthetic without being overly trendy.

  2. seems we always post the same stuff as Emily on cupcakes and cashmere.


    hmm... seeing that my "office-appropriate" wardrobe has a lot more restrictions than yours AND that i'm currently working on expanding those restrictions in hopes of consequently expanding my wardrobe, i would be the wrong person to ask about this. these shoes are pretty trendy for the office, however, i think the oxfordness of it does make it less trendy and little more "classic" looking. don't you think? i definitely pictured a pencil skirt and blouse with it immediately though, when you asked if it was office appropriate. i'd say it's probably more conservative than your black booties no? (

    i really love the shoe BTW. this is baaaaaaaaad. last month was baaaaaaaaaaad. i just calculated how much i spent and it was baaaaaaaad. i told myself i'm going cold turkey on shopping... haven't decided on a time period yet, but i'm thinking maybe a month will do. do you think i can do it??!?!??!?!??!? =S

  3. also, don't those remind you of these Zara booties?

    i say go for it! =) the price is right, too.

  4. omigosh yes they are exactly the same!

    i was thinking about going on a shopping hiatus as well... but i have a few bday presents to buy within the next month or so. i don't think i'll be able to resist temptation if i'm already at the mall....

  5. wow those zara booties are practically identical to the steve madden ones. the ironic thing is that they're probably both copies of a shoe from a "real" brand (like christian louboutin or alexander wang or something).

    my black buckle booties are probably only somewhat office appropriate b/c it has a pretty low heel (2-3" i'm guessing) and no platform. So i don't teter when i walk in them like i probably would with these shoes. hahaha.

  6. yeah i definitely think your booties are work appropriate. i just think people would notice if i wore something like that cause i don't wear trendy clothes to work. i seriously wear blah clothes to work. blah.

    the more i look at these steve madden's the more i like! get them!!!

    my 1 month hiatus from the mall starts.... umm... can it start last week? cause i haven't shopped for a week already...