Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lovely Essentials: Beauty Products

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation $42

{Seriously the best foundation ever. It doesn't cake or crease, and provides very good coverage}

{I have been using this daily, without fail, for over 13 years! It has become such a part of me that I keep one at home, one in my purse, and one in my desk at work. It would be one of the five items I'd choose to take with me to a deserted island!}

{This mascara is my favorite mascara of all time. I've tried a wide range of mascaras: Diorshow, Shu Uemura, a couple of ones by Clinique, and a variety of ones by Maybelline and Covergirl...but this one is my absolute favorite. It comes off in "tubes" so it doesn't flake or make me have raccoon eyes, and makes my lashes so long! I use a mascara primer first though, so it makes my lashes extra full.}

H20+ Hand and Nail Cream $17 for 8.25 oz.
{Another item I'd choose to take with me to the deserted island. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave that greasy lotion-y feeling on your hands. I'm so addicted, I keep it in my car, purse, by all the sinks in my home, and in my desk at work!}
{Hands down the best concealer ever. Provides such good under-eye coverage and easily covers the most noticeable blemishes. It's so easy to use and although pricey, it lasts a really long time!}

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  1. The foundation looks really good, I never heard this brand before!


  2. <3 strawberry lipsmackers and h2o+ hand&nail cream! also on my absolute faves list.

  3. wow, i'm interested to know what a $70 concealer does! i'm sure i could benefit from a really good one! how did you discover it?

    and fiberwig must be good because i love my covergirl mascara!

    i, too, am addicted to H20 lotion. and i think i tried it out because of you-- i remember you telling me it was the "best hand lotion in the world!" and it really is. haha.

    i can totally picture you with your strawberry lip smackers!

  4. I love lipsmackers - they always remind me of being a kid again!!